Our Services


Accounting Services

Nowadays highly qualified accountant plays a very important role in Manage a company. It depends largely on proper financial management of each company. To be a good accountant is not enough to have only knowledge and skills but also has a high-tech computer system and advanced software programs as we work with. Our work is based on mutual respect and trust. We use different approaches to working as recognize the specifics of each client.


Business Advices

In today's rapidly evolving and constantly changing business environment, bisnes consultations should not be a luxury, but neobodimost. Investments in starting a business are enormous. Any wrong move can lead to wrong management decisions taken, which in turn will lead to losses, penalties or to lower your credibility. All this makes the need for business advice inevitable. Such services must be performed by people with higher education and professional experience, which owns our team. Interacting successfully with the state administration, taking into account the dynamically changing legislation. Simultaneously we coordinate our work with the individual requirements of each client.


Automotive Insurance

Availability of insurance is the first condition to control the car in the Netherlands. The insurance is compulsory. It compensates for damage to third parties Damage handling. From scratched fender, to bodily injury. Coverage of all insurance is almost the same. The difference is in the insurance premium. We work with the best insurance brokers that offer the most favorable insurance.


Health Insurance

According to Dutch law anyone who has a registered address is required to be insured. Unlike Bulgaria, Holland everyone should pay their health insurance. To do this you need to make health zastahovka in one of many Health zastahovatelni companies in the Netherlands. Our partnership is is one of the best zdravnno-zastahovatelni companies. Do not hesitate to inquire about conditions, prices and coverage of health zastahovki us.


Airplane Tickets

The purchase of a return ticket is much more complicated business than to buy a bus ticket for example. Airfares are not constant. They are constantly changing under the influence of factors such as season, routing, search and more. If you're new to buying a plane ticket, we encourage you to contact us as a professional agent. We will not only make the necessary investigations more quickly and competently, but you hint options that you have not guessed. So do not hesitate to contact us.


Westorn Union

Money transfer services meet important needs in today's global economy. Remittances are an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional banks and credit cards, which allow people safely and reliably send and receive money around the world. We offer security, speed and reasonable prices when sending money to your loved ones. Send money to family and friends for special occasions to show attention and care.